The Journey Podcast

5. Trust & Believe

May 19, 2022 B.B.T Season 1 Episode 5
The Journey Podcast
5. Trust & Believe
Show Notes

This episode of The Journey Podcast has some adult content that may not be right for sensitive ears. Listener discretion is advised.

**We had some audio mixing issues on this episode some portions may be much quieter and the volume may need to be turned up, we apologize in advance but are working on a fix for future episodes we record! 

Today we talk with our very first guest on the show, Reverend Taunjenette Poole and will hear her insight on relationship issues and most importantly what leads to infidelity in marriages.

Get in touch with Reverend Taunjenette Poole or one of her dedicated staff members of Holistic Counseling Services via Facebook or the website 

This Podcast is a presentation of CCUMEDIA of Christ Care Unit Missionary Baptist Church. Under the Direction of Bishop Robert F. Hargrove Sr. 

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